Why We’re Talking About Mental Health in The Sweet Spot

The study of mental health will continue to be a discussion for The Sweet Spot Media, Llc. The Sweet Spot is a new platform attempting to be a breakthrough media outlet with a different spotlight. For this to be comprehended accurately, it is dire to explain the purpose of merging an urban media company in the mental health conversation. There is a stigma in the headlines that the media industry can be one-sided and controlled by politics. 

There is a constant fight between the media and the consumers during the racial injustice movement of 2020 and Covid-19. There is a clear need for integrity and resolutions in the media industry. Gearing this platform towards the urban community is most important to help increase awareness about what possibly affects African Americans directly and what resources are available. The latest publication by The Sweet Spot Media, LLC, covers the task of implementing mental health studies at Historically Black Universities. By setting the foundation for urban culture and mental healing provides an alternative way to share more stories and experiences. 

Recording artist like, Da Baby, Big Sean, NLE Choppa and Jhene Aiko all have been open and transparent about coping with mental health while being active in the music industry. We are not too familiar with hearing encouragement to seek mental health help from those who relate directly to us. Those who are younger than 35 are speaking out more and more against the PTSD and traumas caused by the experiences that were forced upon the African American community.

There is no one way of coping or recognizing mental health issues. Founder and writer Shani Sweets will be discussing further her pursuit in making The Sweet Spot the place to go to find stories that touch on mental health in the community and what it looks like to overcome and cope with it. In the podcast, you can hear her personal experience with mental health and more. So, plug in and join The Sweet Spot.

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