To Beautify and Bring Beauty: Ezina Stylez Brings It All

Ezina Stylez

–Tomeria Whitehead

Are you a fan of Tik Tok? Yes, then you might be familiar with the saying, “I ain’t gon’ do it…I did it yall”, and that’s the mood Ezina Stylez gives. There is something beautiful & sweet about a young woman building an empire off a small dream. Tomeria Whitehead began watering her dream while in college and talking to her cousin. Just as most women who love to indulge in self-care, Tomeria does as well. Choosing to style her hair was one of her self-care routines. There is a joke that women change their hair more than their underwear. However, women do switch it up quite frequently. From the past, before the era of Madam CJ Walker, hair has been the root of keeping women together.

Tomeria started her business during her undergrad years at Benedict College in Columbia, S.C . It’s common for students at HBCU’s to find an on-campus hairstylist. Tomeria found herself keeping up with her appearance so well that other girls on campus would inquire about her hairstyles. Tomeria’s cousin noticed the pattern and attraction and suggested that she should start her own hair company. This idea was very much foreign because the trend was purchasing weaves from the beauty supply store. Tomeria has spent a total of four years navigating the hair and beauty industry, starting with her first launch of hair weaves and accessories. In her first round, the slogan was Bout That Hair Life for Hair Life & Boutique. Although this was true, Tomeria took time off after the second semester of her junior year because it was crunch time. After graduating from Benedict College, she rebranded her company back to life as Ezina Stylez.

“When people say they look up to me or that I am motivation, I feel that I am just being me. I love bringing women together with other boss women because I know that others did it for me without anyone knowing what the outcome would be.” -Tomeria Latonya


To beautify and bring beauty is the meaning of Ezina. Tomeira has a passion for bringing beauty to other women through hair, accessories, and clothing. In the beginning Tomeria, her found herself sticking to who she has always been and staying original. On that same foundation of originality, Ezina Stylez has pushed the boundaries of creating a signature look. Her signature baby hair look and choosing three significant textures captured the simplicity in her success. Being herself is how Tomeria created a line that all women can feel comfortable with and support. A true girls girl.

Explaining that she loved her very first vendor but, there are other factors to become successful in the industry. Having a balance of quality and quantity was important in her success for the last year and a half. Cutting out the middle man was the route to go causing Tomeria to test out different hair for a year straight. It’s the drive and determination that always wins. Tomeria says it comes from putting out what she wants to receive and putting other women in spaces that benefit.

Captured by @sweetsmedia_

“Today had great energy. There was a lot of networking going on with those chosen for the shoot which made good vibes. Out of the five months I’ve known Tomeria it is intriguing to see her work ethic resemble mine.”

Apple Berry

Behind the scenes at Berry Bomb Selfie Spot, Tomeria booked a glam photoshoot for her latest restock. Boss women collaborate with other boss women. In Raleigh, N.C, Apple Berry Nash is a one-stop shop for everything glam. A retail beauty and accessories store, a selfie museum, and a photography & make-up studio in one storefront located in Triangle Mall. The chemistry between Tomeria and Apple Berry shows the true meaning of active support and inspiration. The two paired together to create the new vision for Ezina Stylez even I and the models stepped in to assist the conception.

The models, Crystal Merritt, Kassidy Moore, and Iyana De’Chelle, all own businesses. A lash technician, baker, and hairstylist. It was a room full of networking and positive energy. Some of the girls knew Tomeria closely while others were working with her for the very first time. However, the vibe didn’t skip a beat. The ladies each wore different textures; Kassidy rocked the straight look with a middle part that fell graciously down her back. Iyana had luxurious body wave curls with a deep side part; Crystal kept it classic with a ‘wake up and go’ look with the Ezina Stylez deep curly texture. Each texture was soft, filled with volume and body.

I appreciate working with Tomeria and I love her energy and I’m on board for what’s next! For her to keep going in this industry & always do what’s best is inspiring. It’s like just keep your head on straight and do things like meditate on every step.”

Crystal Merritt owner of Baddie Blinks

“As an influencer it’s hard for me to venture out and network with other people in different parts of the industry. Tomeria has allowed me to do that by introducing me to different aspects of that.”

Kassidy Moore owner of Sweet Zillas (Left)

“Tom is a big inspiration for me and is like a big sister. She took me under her wing and brought me out of my comfort zone and warmed me up to the business side. Exposing me to different opportunities and how things suppose to operate.”

Iyanna De’Chelle owner of The Artistry of Hair (Right)

Together all the girls agreed on a few things. Of course they all loved the hair but also they loved the experience and the energy of the room. Actively learning how to navigate being business women and influencers in the beauty and entertainment industry has been a blessing. Continuing her growth, Tomeria is studying and staying inspired by women like Ming Lee and Apple Berry. As a motivator herself, she will continue to link with other bosses and has started another company called, Bosses Linked In. In addition, she is also slowly headed into the fashion world; truth be told, the sis stays fly!

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