New Single Stacks by Berry Nash

Every little girl has a dream; in this case, it’s a city girl with no limits. D.C native Berry Nash, better known as Apple Berry, is a triple threat and hot commodity. Berry is a well-known professional photographer and celebrity makeup artist; who has paved her way through the city of Raleigh. This woman is no one to play with because she is all about getting to the bag and doing it the right way, the boss way. Berry is the owner of the only female-operated storefront. Inclusive of a retail store, makeup studio, selfie museum, and photography studio. Berry Bomb Retail & Berry Bomb Selfie Spot is a woman’s paradise. Like for real! 

Now, ladies hear me out, have you ever wanted to show off your business or celebrate a moment in your life, and you had to go all around the world to complete the task? Hair, makeup, photoshoot, accessories, and the whole nine are in one place. As of today, if you are a fan of music, you can hear Mrs. Berry Nash’s new hit single “Stacks.” Yeah, she is really about the bag! Berry is already grabbing features from other NC artists like Big Mali (see the Sweet Spot interview here). While shopping the Blue Berry Collection, you can hear one of the hottest tracks released in 2022 in her store and on all platforms! It’s only the beginning for Apple Berry.

Berry Nash

Set to have her first listening party at Jonathan’s Sport’s Lounge & Grill, Berry will also be releasing her video for the hit single. I was able to get a sneak peek of the new sound at the video shoot, and it is definitely for the ladies who are getting to the bag, unapologetically. That’s what Berry stands for; women, unity, and being a tough cookie; did I mention she’s also an active football athlete!? Don’t play with this woman because she is not one of them. Berry Nash is an inspiration to many girls and young women, and this is why she extends her gifts to help teach other boss ladies in the making. From makeup classes to body sculpting, Berry has you covered.

There were friends and peers at the video shoot supporting Berry. Accomplished stylist Jin Law is an industry vet, and she assisted in directing the ladies in the shoot.

Jin, what do you think of the talent that Berry is revealing? 

Answer: “I believe in Berry, and I know she’s going to continue to show people all that she is capable of achieving, and I am here for it! I support her because I know she’ll do the same for the next woman”. 

This statement stands true. There are other women who have the same outlook, both, Tomeria and Tacoreya (both in the video) look up to Berry Nash and appreciate her warm welcome and no-nonsense boss mentality. Tomeria (read about her here) works closely with the Berry Bomb franchise she is also an ambassador for The Berry Collection. No woman is left behind seems to be the mantra as her whole team is full of women and women only. 

Rooted on by not only women but men as well, Berry has the support that can help her get further than imaginable. It’s one thing to move to a new city and further your education but it’s another thing to take over the city. A St. Augustine alumni first and a boss immediately after. Some of the hottest promoters in the city are backing Apple Berry! The well-renowned promoter, Nemon Marcus said he doesn’t see why she wouldn’t take it all the way to the top because she has that fire in her! 

Baltimore native and fan favorite promoter PartyBoy believes she has everything it takes to be the hottest rapper out of the RDU in combination with her grind and everything else that she has accomplished. 

If you aren’t familiar with the coldest boss in the RDU then you are missing out on a refreshing treat. Download “Stacks” by Berry Nash on all platforms and check out the video!

Update: New Release “Stacks” is out now

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