Raleigh’s Hottest In The City

It was Plies to ask, “who hotter than me?” but now it’s CoCo Filipina and Power & Progress Promotions. On a Sunday evening, there was a call for the hottest artist in the city to compete. You can appreciate the high energy and dope atmosphere. There is a new place to be in Raleigh, 919 Social Lounge. The establishment set the tone for the ravenous artist to perform front and center.


As the artist rolled in one by one, host, CoCo Filipina, called the artist to bring up their music. The genre ranged from Hip-Hop to R&B to the Caribbean; by the end of the night, you had a full concert. However, this was more of a friendly competition with valuable incentives. The artist had a chance to have music rotation with Fleet DJs, airplay on Hot 97.9, $100, and more.

Groups of creatives came together to display their gift. For instance, Smooth Kaos (SK) is a group of friends who sing, produce, DJ, dance, and internationally MC who showed up in support of each other. The support showed through the night as they were each other’s hypeman. The first to perform from the group was, E-Mann followed by Gio Dimes, also NCCUs Freshman Class President.

The performances from all of the artists intrigued the crowd with great engagement. Artists like Hollis Koltraine, King Easy, Zeus Lee, and ParkBoii Von won the audience with melodic flows and continuous fire. The entire night had become filled with anticipation for who was up next. A quiet silence each time the beat faded in, you can tell the room was listening close, waiting to be blown away. Four artists did just that, changing the rules from one winner to multiple.

Singer, Jewels came from Charlotte and made sure you knew she represents the 704. The first female artist to perform and set the tone with her first project, “Toxic Tendencies.” Jewels have been singing since her childhood and studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She came to Raleigh to show what she has to offer and did that and more.

Jewels photographer: VUITTONxVISIONZ

Deamor Carolina came later, but the wait was worth it. You wouldn’t have known she would come blazing, but she did. Deamor has a genuine live singing voice that allows the crowd to sing along with her. Her rendition of Big Pun’s, Still Not A Player swayed the room and made a lasting impression landing her to win placement on Raleigh’s Hot 97.9 FM.

Fatt Power & Progress Jewels G. Pablo Deamor Carolina

Power & Progress Promotions and CoCo Filipina know how to bring out fresh sound in North Carolina. The crowd took a vote between artists Fatt and G Pablo, who were runner-ups against each other. And after two rounds of cheer meter applause, it’s a tie between the two. Granting the performers with radio play on Hot 97.9 FM and music rotation with the Fleet DJs. The event served the purpose and unveiled more than one hot artist but four. The Hottest In Da City Open Mic is now an every Sunday link up for fresh music and progression.


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