Sha’Carri Richardson is Still That Girl

Still That Girl

Okay, she lost. So what? Righteously so, the girl got smoked! Coming in more than half a second behind Elaine Thompson-Herah of Jamaica, the fastest woman alive, Sha’Carri Richardson didn’t look like she stood a chance. However, she did. Sha’Carri is the 6th fastest woman in the world, and nothing less. The other women Sha’Carri has raced on the track prior could not take the lead on her and, instead, left her to beat her records. In the case of the last race, she didn’t touch her new record of 10.72 seconds. Finishing the race running at 11.14 seconds should not have been a surprise to the two-faced bandwagon fans. According to the comments of The Shaderoom, thousands of surprised supporters aren’t all that familiar with the sport, grieving, or the pressure from unsolicited opinions. Pushing the agenda of cancel culture is sure to be what some of these media sites like to do. Media platforms exude their followers as they rip apart the subject at hand and fuel the fire with less than the positive headline. 

Have your own perspective of me , I can only give you the real which is actually reality.

Sha’carri Richardson

Should Sha’Carri invest in a better Public Relations team? Most of the backlash comes after Sha’Carri was less than cordial with her opponents during a press conference. It may be safe to say, media training for athletes is obsolete until athletes reach a certain level of their careers. The first interview after Elaine Thompson-Herah won the race and was named raining champ was of Sha’Carri. Sha’Carri asked how she felt about her performance and expressed, “I’m not done, you know what I am capable of, count me out if you want, I’m here to stay, talk all the s*** you want, I’m here to stay.” For many, this came off rude and insensitive to the other runners, although she congratulated them all. Sha’Carri seemed to be talking more so to the media, audience, and online commentators.

Comments via @theshaderoom

Photo via @carririchardson_

Sha’Carri Richardson is the beast she illustrated from the beginning. If you aren’t familiar with Sha’Carri Richardson, I’ll give you a backstory. A track star from Louisiana State University seamlessly broke the 100 m record at the NCAA Championships in 2019, running at 10.75 seconds. Richardson, originally from Dallas, Texas, has a spunk about her that many onlookers can not fully digest. Good thing digestion is based on the personal capacity to break things down. Sha’ Carri is not interested in acceptance but instead focuses on the track and healing from a tragic loss. Since 2016, Sha’Carri has accumulated an impressive track record, winning her first gold medal in the Junior Olympics and the world’s 6th fastest woman and fourth-fastest female American runner. 

NBC Sports, 100 meter run

Losing is not failure; it’s a learning experience and an opportunity for reflection. On Saturday, August 21, 2021, Sha’Carri returned to run after being suspended for testing positive for marijuana. Sha’Carri bolstered her way to the 2020 Olympics, only to become disqualified after her positive test results. A shock to many; however, looking into the reality of Sha’Carri’s life understandably shows why she chooses to partake in this recreational activity. Anxiety and coping are two causes of marijuana usage. There are 37 states that medical marijuana is legal and 18 for recreational use. It is undeniably an unclear stance on the logistics of marijuana and allows some people to use it loosely as if it is globally accepted. 

Sha’Carri Richardson, raised by her grandmother, has not had upper eastside living as the Jefferson’s. After her win at 100m in Eugene, Oregon, the world found out Sha’Carri had lost her biological mother while enduring the pressure of preparing for the race to the Olympics. She learned this news from a stranger, according to Yahoo! Sports. Here is where cultural relatability comes forth. Approximately 3.08 million children are with their grandparents between a few months old to 17 years old, according to Statista. Although Sha’Carri did not dive into detail about her relationship with her biological mother, she made it clear if it wasn’t for her grandmother. There would be no 6th fastest woman by the name of Sha’Carri Richardson. 

Sha’Carri Nike shoot

Next for Richardson is hopefully two more races as she is determined not to end her season in the last place. Sha’Carri has plenty of time to prepare for her future races including, the 2024 Summer Olympics. Sha’Carri, continuously supported by her family and coach, Dennis Mitchell, will be busy with endorsement deals and training. Before we even could think to count her out, she’ll be in our face representing brands like BeatsbyDre, Apple, and Nike. Sha’Carri is still that girl.

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