Mental Health Needs a Place in The HBCU Curriculum

It’s not a typical homecoming season for Historically Black Universities this year. Many lives have changed drastically due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The year has also revealed many underlying issues with police brutality and oppression against the African American community. … Continue reading Mental Health Needs a Place in The HBCU Curriculum

THE SWEET SPOTLIGHT: Colors of Yoga Raleigh

A vibe is a part of yoga.

Shani Sweets and The Sweet Spot caught up with Raleigh, North Carolina’s first black yoga studio owner, Patrice Graham. Colors of Yoga embodies what it means to be an inclusive leader by displaying commitment, courage, conscious bias, curiosity, cultural intelligence, and openness to collaborations.

Colors of Yoga extends the branch of healing to people of any race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or body type. Graham talks to The Sweet Spot about the importance of combing yoga with music because of the positive effects it has on the mental healing process

Patrice Graham began her personal practice in 2010 and started teaching in 2016 after attending a hot yoga class with her family. The urge to teach came after four years of hot yoga and hair jokes from her family. Soon, she inspired her mom and sister to join her and they then fell in love with the amazing after affect.

The objective of healing is to use different tools to assist you through the process because there is no one way. Jokingly a self-proclaimed yoga DJ, Patrice Graham keeps a playlist ready for any yoga session and she even instructs Gospel Yoga and Trap Yoga Classes; Praise through your healing or Trap it out it’s all a vibe.

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