Get Sauced With Energy

One tradition that did stay the same throughout the new way of life is staying fly. It is no secret that the black community and the hip-hop culture are going to dress their best regardless of quarantine. Brands Fashion Nova and Savage Fenty continue to profit just as less known positive brand, KLEEP. These store has kept people dripped out and ready for every club on Instagram. People have been dressing for photoshoots in their backyard or having small household events. The new ways of quarantine partying have kept getting fashionably dressed relevant.

The Sweet Spot Media LLC. has your energy in mind with its new line of earthly merch. A place for entrepreneurs, music enthusiasts, and wellness leaders to share their story and enjoy the connection. This platform is a cut above normalized ideas of media coverage and intertwines healing and mental health care. Throughout the process, owner Shanice King began her spiritual journey and instantly began breaking apart those generational links. Spreading awareness about taking care of your mind, body, and soul with known methods in the black community is detrimental to the current climates in society. As a culture, the black community turns painful experiences into beautiful creations, COVID-19 gave nothing but time and opportunity. This global pandemic emerged a stream of talents, new gifts, beliefs, and routines that are guiding many towards their purpose.

With Fall being in, The Sweet Spot Media LLC. wants to give you something warm to pop out in your next quarantine photo shoot. The new merchandise is, SWEET meaning sauze’d with earthly energy throughout and represents being grounding to the earth. The alchemy triangle illustrates a bare woman inside to portray the rendition of mother earth dripped with chakra colors. The chakra colors bring in alignment with the body. With all the chaos in the country, there is a need for one to become balance from within. There are seven main chakras, the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and the crown. You deserve to optimize your energy system and tapping into your overflowing vitality.

Infographic: Jacob Olsen

This message mixed in fashion is in a step in the direction of entangling mindfulness within a culture where there is a lack of proper care for mental health. The product line will include face masks, phone cases, coffee mugs, sweaters, and more. TSSM will have customizable options available as well. Fill your cart with some SWEET merch on or use the TSSM merchandise tap to visit the storefront.


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